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Minister of the Gospel

And Professor of Divinity.



True Christian Love.

Honey Drops, or Crystal Streams; Flowing from Christ, the Fountain & Head thereof.

Sight through a Glass, and Face to Face.


Truth’s Victory over Error.

Therapeutica Sacra:

Chapter 4: Of Divine Covenants about the eternal salvation of men; and in special, of the Covenant of Redemption, shewing that there is such a Covenant, and what are the articles thereof.

Chapter 5: Of the Covenant of Works.

Chapter 6: Of the Covenant of Grace.

Book 3 / Chapter 7: Concerning the case of the Convert in some point of doctrine Deluded, and pleasing himself in this condition.

Book 3 / Chapter 28 / Question 4: How may the Convert know and be certain of his Justification?

Speeches & Letters:

The Arminian Heresie Nipt in the Bud: A Discussion in General Assembly, 1638.