Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?—Proverbs 20.6

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King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

Thou camest down also upon mount Sinai, and spakest with them from heaven,
and gavest them right judgments, and true laws, good statutes
and commandments... But they and our fathers dealt proudly,
and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to
thy commandments
.—Nehemiah 9.13,16.

Reign:James VI
Parliament:The First Parliament of King James the Sixth (1567-12-15 — 1567-12-29)
Session:Only Session of the First Parliament of James VI

8. Anent the Kingis aith, to be given at his Coronation.

ITEM, Because that the increase of vertew, and suppressing of Idolatrie craves, that the Prince and the people be of ane perfite Religioun, quhilk of Gods mercie is now presently professed within this Realme: THEIRFORE it is statute, and ordained be our Soveraine Lord, my Lord Regent, and the three Estaites of this present Parliament, that all Kinges and Princes, or Magistrates whatsoever, halding their place, quhilkis hereafter in ony time sall happen to reigne, & beare rule over this Realme, at the time of their Coronatioun, and receipt of their Princely authority, make their faithful promise be aith, in presence of the Eternal God, That induring the haill course of their lives, they sall serve the samin Eternal God, to the uttermost of their power, according as he hes required in his maist haly word, reveiled & contained in the new and auld Testaments. And according to the samin worde sall mainteine the trew Religion of Christ Jesus, the preaching of his halie word, and dew and richt ministration of the Sacraments now received, and preached within this Realme: And sall abolish and gainstand all fals Religioun contrare to the samin: And sall rule the peopil committed to their charge, according to the will and commaund of God, reveiled in his foresaide word, and according to the lovabil Lawes, and constitutions received in this Realme, na wise repugnant to the said word of the Eternal God. And sall procure to the uttermaist of their power, to the Kirk of God, and haill Christian peopil, trew and perfite peace in all time cumming. The richtis and rentis, with all just priviledges of the Crowne of SCOTLAND, to preserve and keip inviolated, nouther sall they transfer nor alienate the samin. They sall forbid and represse in all Estaites, and degries, reife, oppression, and all kinde of wrang. In all judgementes, they sall command, and procure that Justice and equitie be keiped to all creatures, without exception, as the Lord and Father of all mercyis, be merciful to them. And out of their landes and Empyre, they sall be careful to rute out all heretikes, and enimies to the trew worship of God, that sall be convict be the trew Kirk of God, of the foirsaidis crymes. And that they sall faithfullie affirme the things above written, be their solemne aith.