Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33

Select Writings



Minister of the Gospel

And Battlefield-Martyr.

His Life:

  1. The Life of RICHARD CAMERON as related in John Howie's Biographia Scoticana.
  2. Biographical Note from John Howie's Sermons in Times of Persecution in Scotland.
  3. A Short Relation concerning Mr. Richard Cameron taken from The Cloud of Witnesses.

His Sermons & Lectures:

His Testimony & Martyrdom:

An Account of the Battle at Airsmoss by David Hackston.

The Bond of Mutual Defence found upon Mr. Cameron when he was killed.

The Vision; or, The Cameronian's Dream.

Related Documents:

A Proclamation Declaring Mr. Richard Cameron, and others, Rebels and Traitors, &c.

Documents Relating to the Indulgences:

Act anent the Supremacy, 1669.

The First Indulgence, 1669.

The Second (English) Indulgence, 1672.

The Third Indulgence, 1679.

Instructions for Regulating the Indulgence from Charles II, 1680.

The Toleration or Indulgence of William & Mary, 1689.