To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken.—Jer. 6.10

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Additions from 2023.

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Additions from 2019.

Additions from 2018.

Date Author Title
2018.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act of the Reformed Presbytery for a Fast, 1759.
2018.12.24 The Church of Scotland An Act of General Assembly for censuring the Observers of Yule-Day or Christmas.
2018.11.30 Jeremy Kerr The Solemn League and Covenant: Proposed Revision, 2018, with Introduction.
2018.11.30 Jeremy Kerr The Solemn League and Covenant: Proposed Revision, 2018, with Comparative Text from 1643.
2018.10.24 Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland A Brief Testimony Against Several Sectarian Movements of Later Times, 1875.
2018.09.22 T. James Blair The Creation: A Sermon on Genesis 1:1. Preached 1920.
2018.08.31 James Durham Where Christ Feeds his Flock: An Exposition of Canticles 1.8.
2018.07.28 The Church of Scotland Articles or Directions for Keeping the Greater Uniformity in the Church of Scotland, in the Practice of the Directory for Public Worship, 1645.
2018.06.30 Westminster Assembly A Directory for the Public Worship of God, 1645.
2018.05.31 The Original Covenanter The Church of our Time, 1881: Explains the biblical “Falling away.”
2018.04.30 R.P. and Covenanter The United Presbyterian Version of the Psalms, 1872.
2018.03.27 Westminster Assembly The Directory for Church Government, Church Censures, and Ordination of Ministers, 1647.
2018.02.28 Westminster Assembly The Form of Presbyterial Church Government and of Ordination of Ministers, 1647.
2018.01.23 Marion Harvie Marion Harvie's Last Speech and Testimony, Answers, etc. 1681.
2018.01.01 Reformed Presbytery Act of the Reformed Presbytery for a Fast, 1789.

Additions from 2017.

Date Author Title
2017.12.27 Jeremy Kerr The Testimony of the RPCNA: Notes from an Examination Shared in the Hope of its Reparation.
2017.11.30 Jeremy Kerr About the Covenanter Church, or, Who are the Covenanters?—a Tract published in 2017.
2017.10.23 William James An Essay on Church Communion with a Defence of the Reformed Presbytery's Terms of Communion, 1772.
2017.09.13 Reformed Presbytery Committee Minutes of the Committee of the Reformed Presbytery in North America 1800-1801. (Items relating to new ministers, to slavery, and to William Martin.)
2017.07.31 Reformed Presbyterians The Pittsburgh Covenant of 1871, and... Covenant Displacement.
2017.06.19 Patrick Symson A Treatise of Justification by Faith Only.
2017.06.05 Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland The Official Eschatology of the R.P. Church of Ireland.
2017.06.05 Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland The Official Eschatology of the R.P. Church of Scotland.
2017.05.15 Basil of Caesarea A Sermon on the Catholick Faith.
2017.05.08 David Farrie The Last Testimony of David Farrie, who Suffered at the Gallowlee, 1681.
2017.04.26 United Remnant The Declaration, Protestation, and Testimony... Published against... George... 1727.
2017.04.17 Jeremy Kerr Ideals to Guard and Maintain in a Proper Constitution of the Presbyterian Church, 2017.
2017.03.08 John Brown of Wamphray A Vindication of such as Scruple to Hear and Own the Indulged, 1678.
2017.02.20 United Societies A Warning from the General Meeting to beware of Mr. John Adamson, unsent Preacher, 1713.
2017.01.31 Presbytery of Edinburgh A Testimony and Warning ... Against a Late Petition... [For Toleration of False Religions], 1659.

Additions from 2016.

Date Author Title
2016.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act of the Reformed Presbytery for a Fast, 1788.
2016.12.27 The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland Declaration of the Principles of the R.P. Synod in Ireland on the Subject of Civil Government, 1837.
2016.12.19 John Brown of Wamphray Concerning the Hearing of the Curates, or Unlawful Ministers Thrust into Moses’ Seat.
2016.12.10 Eusebius, etc. The Anatomy of a Schismatic, Drawn from the Life of Novatian, compiled 2016.
2016.12.05 Andrew Clarkson Schism among Presbyterians, and the Causers thereof Marked, 1731.
2016.11.30 Commission of the General Assembly The Short Declaration from the West-Kirk, 1650.
2016.11.22 The Reformed Presbyterian Church Anti-Family Disorder in the United States of America.
2016.10.24 The Reformed Presbyterian Parental Instruction, 1840.
2016.10.13 The Reformed Presbyterian The Position of the Reformed Presbyterian Church with Regard to the American Government, 1857.
2016.10.12 RPCNA Overture Argument for the Jury Law, 1834.
2016.09.28 Protesters The Representation, Propositions, and Protestation of 1652.
2016.09.24 T. James Blair The Believer's Sure Victory, 1920: Read by Pastor Blair.
2016.08.27 David Dickson The Effectual Delusion and Bewitching of Converted Christians.
2016.06.25 RPC Committee Memorial on the Death of James Fisher Fulton and Example of Sermon Notes.
2016.05.31 Theodore Beza Propositions of Divinity about Man, the Human Soul, Free-Will, Sin, and the Division or Sorts of Sin.
2016.03.31 Theodore Beza Propositions of Divinity about God, the Trinity, the Attributes of God, his Decrees, his Providence, Creation, and Angels.
2016.02.27 David Dickson How the Convert may know and be Certain of his Justification.

Additions from 2015.

Additions from 2014.

Date Author Title
2014.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act ... for a Public Fast, with the Causes thereof, 1784.
2014.12.27 Archibald Mason A Discourse on Christ’s Incarnation, from 1 Timothy 3.16.
2014.12.16 John Calvin A Sermon on the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, from Luke 2.1-14.
2014.12.13 England & Scotland The Declaration of England and Scotland, joined in Arms for the Defence of their Religion, etc. 1643/1644.
2014.11.29 Anthony Burgess Why it was necessary our Redemption should be by way of Justice.
2014.11.22 Jeremy Kerr Notes on Augustine's Of True Religion.
2014.10.25 Johann Gerhard Meditations 27: The Wiles of the Devil.
2014.10.21 Robert Rollock Lecture 54 on the Resurrection, etc. of Christ: The Commission and Promises given to the Ministry of the Church.
2014.10.02 Martin Luther A Sermon Giving Warning to Beware of False Prophets, from Matthew 7:15-23.
2014.08.30 John Lynd The Relation Between the Distinctive Principles of the Reformed Presbyterian Church and Personal Religion.
2014.08.23 Archibald Mason On the Building of Mercy, A Discourse on Psalm 89.2.
2014.08.16 Martin Luther A Sermon Concerning Anger and its Signs, from Matthew 5.20-26.
2014.08.09 The Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ireland The Renovation of the Covenants, National and Solemn League, at Dervock, Ireland, 1853.
2014.06.30 The Reformed Presbyterian Churches A Summary of Christian Practice
2014.06.04 The Reformed Presbyterian Ministerial Qualifications
2014.05.14 Martin Luther A Sermon on How Christ is the True Shepherd, from John 10.11-16.
2014.05.03 South-Central PA R.P. Societies A Public Warning Concerning Jim Dodson of Pennsylvania and his Pretensions to a Ministerial Calling.
2014.04.29 Jeremy Kerr Index Page and Bio Sketch for the Editor.
2014.04.03 Patrick Gillespie The Ark of the Testament Opened, P. 2. C. 8. — The Covenant of Grace is Particular and Personal.
2014.03.31 T. James Blair The Present War, Its Cause and Issue - A Christian View of World War I.
2014.03.17 The Reformed Presbyterian “Was the Bishop’s Death Murder?”
2014.02.20 William Roberts The Subjection of the Nations to God and to Christ from the R.P. Catechism.
2014.02.14 David Dickson Of Lawful Oaths and Vows from Truth’s Victory over Error.
2014.02.06 William Roberts Christ’s Headship over the Nations from the R.P. Catechism.
2014.02.03 T. James Blair The Church’s Happy Days - On the Millennium from Zeph. 3.14,15.
2014.02.03 T. James Blair Audio reading of Sermon on Zephaniah 3.14,15.
2014.01.28 David Steele The Testimony and the Law ~ On Psalm 78.5.
2014.01.27 Matthew Murray The Millennium — Sermon Published at Glasgow in 1879.
2014.01.25 Thomas Melville Slater Plain Words about the Theater from Christian Nation.
2014.01.24 William Roberts Civil Government the Moral Ordinance of God from the R.P. Catechism.
2014.01.21 Andrew Gray Sermon on Canticles 3.1: The Christian’s case and exercise in the night of desertion.
2014.01.15 The Reformation Advocate Offences.
2014.01.15 Thomas Brainerd A Lecture on the Nature and Tendency of the Stage.
2014.01.09 William Roberts The Supreme Authority of the Scriptures in the Church from the R.P. Catechism.

Additions from 2013.

Date Author Title
2013.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act ... for a Public Fast, with the Causes thereof, 1783.
2013.12.25 Reformed Presbytery Of the Proper Divinity of our Blessed Redeemer, 1793.
2013.12.14 William Roberts Christ’s Exclusive Headship over the Church from the R.P. Catechism.
2013.11.11 William Roberts On the Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ from the R.P. Catechism.
2013.07.18 T. James Blair Audio reading of Sermon on Matthew 24.44.
2013.07.16 T. James Blair Sermon on Matthew 24.44: Preparation for Eternity.
2013.06.12 Anthony Burgess The Reformation of the Church to be Endeavoured more than that of the Commonwealth.
2013.05.11 Donald McLaren The Psalms of Holy Scripture the Only Songs of Zion.
2013.04.10 William McNeil A Personal Covenant ~ 1742.
2013.03.21 Anabel Umpherston A Personal Covenant ~ 1741.
2013.03.14 John Howie Social Profession of Faith and Engagement for Children, from his Memoirs.
2013.02.28 John Howie The Personal Covenants of John Howie, excerpted from his Memoirs.
2013.02.26 Dr. Zacharius Ursinus Of the Covenant of God.
2013.01.31 T. James Blair Audio Lecture on Revelation 4, &c. — 1958.

Additions from 2012.

Date Author Title
2012.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act ... anent a Day of Fasting and Humiliation, with the Causes thereof, 1768.
2012.12.27 Reformed Presbytery A Pastoral Letter ... Concerning Family & Social Duties, 1808.
2012.12.13 Tom Reid A Christian Nation.
2012.12.13 T. James Blair Audio Sermon on Psalm 73 with Prayer — 1958.
2012.12.06 Robert Traill, Sr. A Letter from a Father to his Children, 1665.
2012.11.29 Reformed Presbytery An Act for a Day of Public Fasting, North America, 1795.
2012.11.22 United Societies Queries to be put to Elders at their Admission, 1732.
2012.11.15 Reformed Presbytery Of the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, 1793.
2012.10.30 Thomas Manton Covenanting With God—Two Sermons on Psalm 119.106.
2012.09.27 Robert G. McNiece Mormonism—An Article from The Presbyterian Review, 1881.
2012.09.15 The Reformed Presbyterian The Presidential Contest.
2012.09.10 Thomas Manton Observations on Personal Covenanting.
2012.09.01 The English Parliament Acts of Parliament Against Blasphemy & Heresy, 1646 & 1648.
2012.07.31 The Church of Scotland Directions concerning Secret and Private Worship... Family Worship, etc.
2012.06.23 Sir Robert Hamilton The Christian's Conduct: or, a Witness for Truth against Error.
2012.05.07 Reformed Presbytery The Constitution of the Associate-Reformed Synod in America... Testified Against.
2012.04.10 John Howie The Life of the honourable Archibald Campbel Marquis of Argyle.
2012.03.30 Hugh Brown Discourses on Scripture Psalmody and Against Instrumental Music in Public Worship.
2012.02.18 John Geree Judah's Joy at the Oath: A Sermon, 1641.
2012.01.02 Reformed Presbytery Act anent a Fast with the Causes thereof, 1782.

Additions from 2011.

Additions from 2010.

Additions from 2009.

Date Author Title
2009.12.31 Reformed Presbytery Act Containing Causes of Fasting & Humiliation, 1781.
2009.12.29 The Covenanter Four Covenanter Articles on Geology.
2009.11.17 Dickson/Durham The Sum of Saving Knowledge.
2009.10.17 John Howie Some Remarks on the Marrow of Modern Divinity.
2009.09.19 John Calvin Sermon 30 on Deuteronomy, Concerning the Holy Law of God.
2009.08.26 Thomas Nairn A Short Account of Mr. Thomas Nairn... his Secession from the Associate Presbytery, etc.
2009.08.05 William Guthrie A Sermon on Matthew 16.25.
2009.07.13 Reformed Presbytery The Mediatorial Dominion of Christ.
2009.06.30 The Contending Witness The Sabbath.
2009.06.22 United Societies The Questions and Articles of the United Societies.
2009.06.15 Scotland A Solemn Acknowledgment of Sins & Engagement to Duties, 1648.
2009.05.29 John Howie The Life of Alexander Peden.
United Societies Protestation and Testimony against the Incorporating Union with England, 1707.
Adam Kae A Sermon concerning The Believer's sitting under Christ's Shadow.
John Calvin Sermon 14 on Deuteronomy, Concerning the Sovereign Providence of God.
Alexander Shields
Hind Let Loose: Head 7: On the Cess, etc.
William Guthrie
Sermon 3 on Hosea 13.9: But in me is thy help.
Alexander Craighead
The Reasons of Mr. Alexander Craighead's receding from the present Judicatures of this Church, together with its Constitution.
William Guthrie
Sermon 2 on Hosea 13.9: But in me is thy help.
J.B. Johnston
Terms of Communion: On the Books of Discipline and Office of the Deacon.
William Guthrie
Sermon 1 on Hosea 13.9: Thou hast destroyed thy self.
Anonymous Covenanter
A Modest Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled A Letter from a Friend to Mr. John McMillan, 1710.
(Corrections and missing text supplied.)
Scottish Noblemen, &c. Protestation of the Noblemen, &c. after the reading of the King's proclamation. 1638.07.04.
Kirk of Scotland Books of Discipline, Calderwood's Edition of 1621.