Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.—Rev. 1.7

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Robert Traill, the Younger, the author of these sermons, was the son of Mr. Robert Traill, pastor of Edinburgh, a faithful protester and associate of Mr. James Guthrie.  The son, like his father, was zealous for the truth of Jesus Christ.  He suffered during the time of Charles II’s tyranny, and was banished to the Bass Rock for holding house-conventicles.  In time he was released, and went to London, where he was a blessing to many through his preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As it was said by Mr. Howie, in his Biographia Scoticana, “The simplicity and evangelical strain of the works of Mr. Traill have been savoury to many, and will ever be so, while religion and Scripture doctrine are in request.”


Six Sermons from Galatians II.21.

Sermon on "By What Means Ministers May Best Win Souls."

Sermon on Hebrews XII.29.

Sermon on Isaiah LXIII.16.

Three Sermons on Matthew VII.13,14. - 1 2 3 -

Sermon on Ephesians III.8.

Sermon on Philippians II.12,13.

Sermon on 1 Corinthians II.10.

Two Sermons on Hebrews VI.4,5,6. - 1 - 2 -

Stedfast Adherence to the Profession of Our Faith: 22 Sermons

Sermon 12: Believing God's promises respecting Eternal Life and the Kingdom of Christ.

Sermon 13: The Duty, Necessity, & Blessing of Christian Fellowship.

From Sermons on Important Subjects... by Robert Traill.
— Sermon 2 on 1 Peter 1.1-2: (Concerning Election and the Trinity)
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Items from His Father:

A Letter from a Father to his Children, 1665.