Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33




A Most Wholesome Counsel... touching the Daily Exercise of God's Most Holy and Sacred Word, by John Knox.

A Pastoral Letter to the Old Dissenters concerning Family & Social Duties, by The Reformed Presbytery of Scotland, 1808.

A Letter to Janet Fimerton with some edifying answers to her question about Assurance, by Walter Smith.

The Poor Man's Cup of Cold Water Ministered to the Saints & Sufferers for Christ in Scotland, by Robert McWard.

A Letter from John Bugenhagen of Pomerania (Pomeranus) to the Protestants of England, 1536.


Desertions, Their Use. Prayers of Reprobates, and How the Gospel Affects their Responsibility (Saving Faith a Duty of Reprobates.) By Samuel Rutherford.

A Letter Addressed to The Rev. Messrs. John Belfrage, &c. &c. concerning Civil Government and Political Dissent by John McMillan, Junior.


A Letter from the Synod of Zeeland to the Commissioners of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland concerning the Reformation of England & Ireland, 1643.07.18.

Historical & Apologetical

Two Letters Concerning Mr. Patrick Walker, and his Many Lies Spoken since his Apostacy from the Reformation, by William Wilson and Andrew Harley.

A Letter to the Author of Vindiciæ Magistratus vindicating John McMillan Senior & The Reformed Presbytery, by John McMillan Junior.


A Letter from Andrew Gray to Lord Warriston when he was on his death-bed.

A Collection of missive Letters written by Sir Robert Hamilton.

A Letter from a Father to his Children, by Robert Traill, Sr. 1665.