To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken.—Jer. 6.10

Select Writings



Minister of the Gospel

And Martyr for King Jesus.

His Life:

The Life of DONALD CARGIL as related in John Howie’s Biographia Scoticana.

Biographical Note from John Howie’s Sermons in Times of Persecution in Scotland.

His Sermons:

Miscellaneous Published Sermons:

A Lecture and Sermon preached at Different Times... concerning Jehoshaphat’s Association with Ahab.

Lectures and Sermons from John Howie’s Sermons in Times of Persecution in Scotland:

Lecture 1 — given at Patrick-lone, 1678.11.03.  On 2 Cor. 5.4-11.

Sermon 1 — preached at Patrick-lone, 1678.11.03.  On John 8.34,35.

Sermon 2 — preached at Quarrel-holes, 1678.12.__.  On John 8.36.

Lecture 2 - given at Torwood in Stirlingshire, 1680.09.__.  On Ezek. 21.25-27.  (With the “Torwood Excommunication.”)

Sermon 3 - preached at Torwood in Stirlingshire, 1680.09.__.  On Lamentations 3.31-32.  (With Remarks on the Excommunication, by John Howie.)

Lecture 3.  On Jeremiah 13.12-17.

Sermon 4.  On Hebrews 13.14.

Sermon 5 — preached 1680.09.__.  On Revelation 20.11,12.

Lecture 4 — given at Dunsyre Communion, 1681.07.10.  On Jeremiah 1.1-10.

Sermon 6 — preached at Dunsyre Communion, 1681.07.10.  On Isaiah 26.20,21.

Sermon 7.  On Hosea 2.6.

His Letters:

A Letter to Mr. James Skene, who suffered Martyrdom at Edinburgh.

A Letter to some Friends before Mr. Donald Cargill went Abroad.

A Letter to John Malcolm and Archibald Alison, prisoners.

A Letter to the Prisoners in the Correction House of Edinburgh, followers of John Gib.

His Testimony & Martyrdom:

The Interrogations of Donald Cargill, excerpted from Wodrow’s History.

The Last Speech & Testimony of Mr. Donald Cargill as related in the “Cloud of Witnesses,” with Four Letters giving a more full discovery of the Testimony which he held.

Other Documents Relating to Donald Cargill:

Queensferry Paper, 1680.06.04

A Proclamation Declaring Mr. Richard Cameron, Mr. Donald Cargill, and others, Rebels and Traitors, &c.

Documents Relating to the Indulgences:

Act anent the Supremacy, 1669.

The First Indulgence, 1669.

The Second (English) Indulgence, 1672.

The Third Indulgence, 1679.

Instructions for Regulating the Indulgence from Charles II, 1680.

The Toleration or Indulgence of William & Mary, 1689.