Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33

David Dickson's

Truth's Victory Over Error

Chapter. XII.

Of Adoption.


"ARE those who are taken into the number and enjoy the liberties and privileges of the children of God, and have his name put upon them, and receive the Spirit of Adoption, are they, I say, ever cast off?"


"Are they sealed to the day of redemption, and inherit the promises, as heirs of everlasting salvation?

Yes; Lam. 3.3. Eph. 4.30. 1 Pet. 1.5.

Well then, do not the Lutherans err, who maintain, That the children of God some of them, may be cast off for a time totally, though not finally?


Do not likewise the Arminians, Quakers, and Socinians err, who maintain, That those who have received the grace of adoption, may be cast off totally and finally?


By what reasons are they confuted?

1st, Because all the children of God are kept through faith unto salvation, 1 Pet. 1.5.

2d, Because Christ hath prayed for the perseverance of all believers, John 17.20. John 11.26. And all those that are adopted, are the children of God by faith, Gal. 3.26.

3d, Because no man that is born again, as are all the children of God, doth sin, that is, he suffers not sin to reign over him, for his seed remaineth in him; that is, God's seed, whereby he is born again, namely the word of God, 1 Pet. 1.23. John 3.5,6. remaineth in him, that is, doth not totally perish, but abideth thence forward, working the fruits of regeneration once begun in them, Phil. 1.6. See 1 John 3.9.

4th, Because all the children of God request the Father by the Son, that he may grant them perseverance to salvation, Mat. 6.13. which perseverance is most needful to them for that end, Mat. 24.13. But believers when they seek things needful to salvation, in the name of Christ, according to his promise, are always heard, John 14.13,14. John 16.23.

5th, Because the gifts and callings of God are without repentance, Rom. 11.29.

6th, Because all those who are justified are glorified, Rom. 8.30. But those who are adopted are endued with faith, and are justified, Gal. 3.26.

7th, Because Christ keepeth all his adopted ones, that none can pluck them out of his hand, or his Father's hand, John 10.27,28,29.

8th, Because perseverance is a gift promised by God to all the elect, in the covenant of grace, Ezek. 36.26,27,28. Ezek. 11.19,20. Jer. 31.32,33.

9th, Because justifying grace is a well of water, springing up into everlasting life in every man to whom it is given, John 4.14. And the saints are like unto trees, planted by the rivers of waters, which bring forth their fruits in due season. Psalm 1.3.