No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.—John 6.44

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Currently, the Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church is without ecclesiastical officers.  As we desire faithful pastors, lawfully called, we wish that pastors particularly, would consider the following Call of the United Societies, as being many ways representative of our own desire for you to join with us, as well as the reasons why we have been compelled, for conscience sake, to dissent from the authority of, and remain separate from, the most part of the professing Presbyterian pastors of today.  Although this document is in some things obsolete, the contents are very applicable to our own day, and whatsoever may seem at the first to refer to circumstances now altered, will be found to relate to principles with similar applications in our own day.

A CALL by a Remnant of the true Presbyterians....

Likewise, the following little extract from the minutes and conclusions of the Scottish Covenanter Societies in the early 1700’s may serve as a hint at what sort of elders we would receive with gladness for our own oversight.

Queries to be put to Elders at their Admission. (1732.)

An excerpt from, An Informatory Vindication &c.:

WE find these are not to be acknowledged as Christ’s Ambassadours, by hearing or receiving Ordinances from them, who either never had a Call to preach, or never were clothed with Christ’s Commission in his orderly appointed way, but took it up either by Usurpation beyond their Sphere, or pretend an insufficient Mission which they cannot clearly instruct, or have it only from them who have none themselves to give. For we dare hear none that run unsent, for how shall they preach except they be sent? Rom. 10.15.  We dare hear none, with whom the Lord hath not promised his countenance & concurrence, but hath threatened they shall not profit us, Jer. 23.21,22.  We dare hear none of the Thieves and robbers that enter not by the door, but climb up some other way; but we are ambitious to have & keep the mark of Christ's sheep, & followers that will not follow strangers, John 10.15.  And upon this ground, we withdraw from all Popish priests, that have their Mission from Antichrist: From all Prelatick Curates, that have theirs from the Episcopal Hierarchy which is also Antichristian: And also from gifted brethren who preach at their own hands, or have their mission from the people.