Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33

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Thou camest down also upon mount Sinai, and spakest with them from heaven,
and gavest them right judgments, and true laws, good statutes
and commandments... But they and our fathers dealt proudly,
and hardened their necks, and hearkened not to
thy commandments
.—Nehemiah 9.13,16.

Reign:James VI
Parliament:The First Parliament of King James the Sixth (1567-12-15 — 1567-12-29)
Session:Only Session of the First Parliament of James VI

31. Anent abrogating of all acts contrary to the Religion.

[¶ Anent the cassing [making void], annulling, and abrogating of all Laws, acts, and constitutions, Canon, Civil, and Municipal, with other constitutions, contrary to the Religion now professed within this Realm. Ca. xxxix.]

IN the Parliament holden at Edinburgh, the 19th day of April, the year of God 1567 years; The which day, the Queen’s Majesty having considered the Estate of her Majesty’s Realm, that it stood at, the time of her arrival forth of France, & yet presently stands at; Foreseeing also the common weal of her country greatly to be increased, & established by the keeping of the common peace & quietness, amongst all her subjects: & like as her highness since her foresaid arrival, has attempted nothing contrary the Estate of religion, which her M. found publickly & universally standing, at her arrival foresaid, whereby her M. is most worthy to be served, honored, & obeyed; Right so her highness intends to continue in the same goodness & government, in all times coming, whereby all her good subjects, professors of the religion foresaid, shall have occasion to praise God, for her good, happy, & gracious government. And to crave of God from the bottom of their hearts, that he would of his infinite goodness, prosper & bless her M. & her posterity, with long life & good & happy government, to rule & reign over them; And to the effect also, that all her highness’ good subjects, professors of the religion foresaid, may assure themselves to be in full surety thereof, & of their lands, lives, benefices, dignities, jurisdictions, privileges, goods, fame, & honours in time coming; And with the better will jeopard & hazard their lives & goods in her highness’ service, against all enemies to her M. & to the common weal of this realm at all times needful as their predecessours has most frankly done heretofore; And that without fear of any pain, punishment, tinsel [loss] of lands, benefices, and goods, for professing exercising & using of the said religion, in times bygone, and [to come,—Ed. 1568.] to be impute unto them, or their heirs, notwithstanding any laws, acts & constitutions, canon, civil, or municipal, or other whatsomever ordinance heretofore institute in the contrary; And for their great surety foresaid, our Sov. with the advice of the whole three Estates of this Parliament, has thought needful, & convenient to dispense, cass [make void], abrogate, & annul, like as her M. presently dispenses, casses, abrogates, & annuls, all & whatsomever laws, acts & constitutions canon, civil, or municipal with all other constitutions & practicks [recorded acts] penal, introduced contrary to the foresaid religion & professors of the same: and ordains them, & their posterity, in all times to come, to be free, & exeemed [exempted or set free] from all pain corporal, infamy, reproach, depriving from benefices, dignities, or offices, or other crime or pain whatsomever, that may be incurred, or imputed to them, by virtue of the saids acts, laws, ordinances, canon, {377} civil, or Municipal, & practik [recorded cases], for contravening of the same: renouncing the same, & strength thereof, in favors of our saids subjects, to the effect foresaid. And suchlike, the Queen’s M. of her authority royal, granted to her by God, with the advice of the three Estates foresaids, takes to her self, & her posterity, all her good subjects, their benefices, lands, offices, goods, & honours, to be under sure safeguard, maintenance, protection, & defence perpetually, against whatsomever foreign authority, power, jurisdiction, & persuit [legal pursuit, suit] be it Ecclesiastical or temporal. Exeeming [Exempting] her foresaids subjects, from all compearance, summoning, or obedience, pretended hereafter against them, for the causes foresaids, By whatsomever foreign person, or other pretending jurisdiction, or authority through them: Willing her subjects to dwell in perpetual security, & quietness within this Realm, by making of their most humble and faithful obedience to her highness & her posterity, in all times coming hereafter allanerly [only]. Like as also her Majesty (God willing) in times convenient, shall take further order, in all other points, concerning the Estate of Religion, as may best serve for the glory of God, common weal of this Realm, & continuing of common peace and quietness universally amongst all her subjects. Commanding them, and every one of them, in all times hereafter, to keep mutual, perfect, and most hearty kindness, love, friendship, & Neighbourhood, each one to others, under all highest pain and charge, that hereafter may follow, for breaking of this present Act of Parliament, and her Majesties most lawful commandment.