Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33





Againſt the

Incorporating UNION



Lev: 25.23. The Land ſhall not be Sold for ever.

Hoſea 7.11. Ephraim alſo is like a ſilly Dove, without Heart, they call to Egypt, they go to Aſſyria.

Dico tibi verum, Libertas optima rerum,

Nunquam ſervili ſub nexu vivito fili.

Tu ne cede malis ſed contra audentior ito.

Sim homicida, ſim adulter, modo non ſilentii arguar dum Chriſtus patitur    Luther.





of the United Societies of the witneſſing Remnant of the Anti-Popiſh, Anti-Prelatick, Anti-Eraſtian, Anti-Sectarian, true Presbyterian Church of Chriſt in Scotland, againſt the Sinful Incorporating Union with England, and their Brittiſh Parliament, concluded, and eſtabliſhed  May,  1707.

IT will, no doubt, be reputed by many, very unseasonable to Protest at this time, against this Union, now so far advanced and by their Law established; but the consideration of the superabundant, palpable and eminent Sins, hazards, and destructions to Religion, Laws, and Liberties that are in it, and natively attend it, is such a pressing motive, that we can do no less, for the exoneration of our Consciences in shewing our dislike of the same, before the sitting down of the Brittish Parliament, lest our silence should be altogether interpreted, either a direct or indirect owning of, or Succumbing to the same:  And though, having abundantly and plainly Declared our Principles formerly, and particularly in our last Declaration, May 21, 1703, against the then intended Union; and waiting for more plain discovery of Dissatisfaction with, and opposition unto this abominable Course, by these of better Capacitie, yet being herein so far disappointed in our expectations, of such honourable and commendable Appearances, for the Laudable Laws, and Antient Constitutions {3} of this Kingdom, both as to Sacred and Civil concerns, all these Appearances, whither by Addresses or Protestations being so far lame and defective, as that the resolutions and purposes of such have never been fairly and freely Remonstrate to the Contrivers, Promoters and Establishers of this Union. The consideration of which, and the Lamentable case, and condition, the Land already is, and may be in, by reason of the same, hath moved us, after the example and in imitation of the cloud of Witnesses who have gone before us to Protest against the same, as being contrary to the Word of GOD, Lev. 25.23. 2 Chron. 20.35,36. and repugnant to our former Union with England in the terms of the Solemn League and Covenant.

And whereas it hath been the good will and pleasure of Almighty God, to grant unto this Nation a Glorious and Blessed Reformation, of the true Christian Religion, from the Errors, Idolatry, and superstition of Popery and Prelacy, and there withall to bless us, with the power and purity of Heavenly Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government in the Church of GOD, according to his Will revealed in the Holy Scriptures; and to let us have all this accompanied and attended with many great and singular blessings, in the Conversion and comfort of many Thousands, and in Reforming and Purging the Land from that gross Ignorance, Rudeness and Barbarity, that once prevailed among us.  Wherefore our Zealous and worthy forefathers being convinced of the benefit and excellency of such incomparable and unvaluable Mercies, thought it their duty, not only by all means to endeavour the preservation of these, but also to transmit to Posterity a fair depoſitum and Coppy in purity and integrity, and as a fit expedient and mean to accomplish and perfect the same, they entered into the National Covenant (no rank or degree of persons, from the highest to the lowest excepted) wherein they bound themselves to defend the reformation of religion {4} in every part & point of the same, with their Lives and Fortunes to the outmost of their power, as may be seen in the National Covenant, of this Church and Kingdom, which was five times Solemnly Sworn.

Likeas the Lord was so pleased to Bless our Land, and to beautify it with His presence, that our neighbour Nations of England and Ireland, who beheld this, and were groaning under and likeways aiming at the Removal and abolishing of Popery and Prelacy, had sought and obtained assistance from this Nation to help them in their endeavours for that end, and had been owned of GOD with Succeſs, they likeways thought it fit to enter into a most Solemn League and Covenant with this Church and Kingdom for Reformation and defence of Religion, wherein, with their hands lifted up to the most High GOD, they do bind and oblige themselves to maintain, preserve and Defend, whatever measure and degree of Reformation they had attained unto, and mutually to concurr, each with another with their Lives and Fortunes in their several places and callings, in opposition to all the Enemies of the same, as may be seen at large in the Solemn League and Covenant.  By means of which, these Nations became (as it were) Dedicated and Devoted to God in a peculiar and singular manner, above all other People in the World and that by an indissolvable and indispensable obligation to perform, observe and fulfill the duties Sworn to, and contained therein, from which no power on Earth can absolve us.  And so to prosecute and carry on the ends of the same, and to evidence our firm adherence to it, with the outmost of our endeavours, in opposition to every thing contradictory or contrary unto or exclusive of these our Sacred Vows.  We have from time to time for these several years bypast, emitted and Published several Declarations, and publick Testimonies against the breaches of the same, as is evident not only from our Declarations of late, but also from all the wrestlings and contendings {5} of the Faithful in former times, all which we here adhere to, approve of, and homologate, as they are founded upon the Word of GOD, and are agreeable thereto.

And in this Juncture to perpetuate and Transmit to Posterity, the Testimony of this Church, and to acquit our selves as faithful to GOD, and Zealous for the concerns of Religion, and every thing that’s dear to us as men and Christians,  We here Testify and Protest against the prompters to, Promoters or Establishers of, and against every thing that hath tended to the promoting, advancing, corroborating, or by Law establishing such a wicked and ruining Union; and hereby we also Declare against the Validity of the Proceedings of the late Parliament with reference to the carrying on, and establishing the said Union: And that their Acts shall not be look’t upon as Obligatory to us, nor ought to be by Posterity, nor any way prejudicial to the Cause of GOD, and the Covenanted Work of Reformation in this Church, nor to the Being, Liberty and Freedom of Parliaments, according to the Laudable and Antient Practique of this Kingdom, the which we do not only for our selves, but also in the Name of all such as shall join or concur with us in this our Protestation, and therefore we Protest

In regard,  That the said Union is a visible and plain Subversion of the Fundamental Antient Constitutions, Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom, which we as a free People have enjoyed for the space of about two Thousand Years, without ever being fully Conquered, and we have had singular and remarkable steps of Providence preventing our utter sinking, and preserving us from such a Deluge and overthrow, which some other Nations more mighty and opulent than we, have felt, and whose Memory is much extinct: While by this Incorporating Union with England in their Sinful terms, this Nation is Debased and Enslaved, its Antient Independency lost and gone, the parliamentary power dissolved which was the {6} very strength, Bulwark and Basis of all Liberties and Privileges of Persons of all Ranks, of all manner of Courts and Judicatories, Corporations and Societies within this Kingdom; all which, now, must be at the disposal and discreation of the Brittish Parliament, (to which, by this Union, this Nation must be brought to full Subjection)  and furder [And Further,] the number of Peers, who have many times ventured their Lives for the Interest of their Country, having Reputation and Success at Home and were Famous and formidable Abroad: And the number of Barons and Burrows Famous sometime, for Courage and Zeal for the Interest of their Country (and, more especially in our Reforming times) all these, reduced to such an insignificant and small Number in the Brittish Parliament, we say, (as is also evident from the many Protestations given in to the late Parliament against this Union) how far it is contrary to the Honour, Interest, Foundamental Laws, and Constitutions of this Kingdom, and a palpable Surrender of the Sovereignty, Rights and Privileges of the Nation;  And how by this Surrender of Parliament and Soveraignty the people are deprived and denuded of all Security, as to any thing that’s agreed to by this Union, and all that’s dear to them, is daily in danger to be encroached upon, altered or subverted by the said Brittish Parliament, managed intirely by the English, who seldom have consulted our well-fare, but rather have sought opportunity to injure us, and are now put in a greater capacity with more ease to act to our prejudice: And poor people to be made lyable to Taxes, Levies and unsupportable burdens, and many other Imminent Hazards and Impositions, all which we here Protest against.

As also that which is little considered, (tho most Lamentable) how the Foundamental Constitutions should be altered, subverted, and overturned, not only, renitente & reclamante populo, but also by such men, who, if the Righteous and standing laws of the nation were put in execution, are incapable {7} of having any Vote or Suffrage in any Judicatory; Seeing the Covenants National and Solemn League, which had the Assent and Concurrence of the Three Estates of Parliament, and the Sanction of the Civil Law, Cordially and Harmoniously Assenting to, complying with, and Corroborating the Acts and Canons of Ecclesiastick Courts in favour of these Covenants, whereby they became the foundation whence any had Right to Reign or Govern in this Land, & also became the Foundation, Limitation, and Constitution of the Government and Succession to the Crown of this Realm, and the Qualification of all Magistrates Supreame, and Subordinate, and of all Officers in Church State or Army, and likewise the ground and condition of the peoples Obedience and Subjection, as may be seen in the Acts, Laws, and Practise of these times:  Witness the Admission of Charles II. to the Government, Anno 1651.  From all which it is evident, how blind such men have been, who not only have enslaved the Nation, but have rendered themselves unfamous by such an open and manifest Violation of these Solemn and Sacred Vows to the most High GOD, to the obligation of which they as well as the rest of the Land, are indispensably bound.

But ah!  When we mention these Covenants, how notorious and palpable is the breach of, and indignity done to these Solemn Vows by this Sinful Union, by means whereof they come to be buried in perpetual Oblivion, and all means for prosecuting their ends are so blockt up by this Incorporating Union with England, as that what ever is or may be done or acted contrair thereunto, or in prejudice thereof by any of the Enemies of the same, cannot be remedied in a due and impartial Exercise of Church Discipline, and execution of the Laws of the Land against such Transgressors.  And if we would open our eyes and consider a little with reference to our National Covenant, we may clearly see that this Incorporating Union is directly contrary to that particular oath and vow made to {8} GOD by us in this Kingdom, which we are obliged to fulfill and perform in a National State and Capacity, as we are a particular Nation by our selves, distinct in the constitution of our Government and Laws from these of England, and from all others: But now when we cease to be a particular Nation, we being no way distinct from that of England (which is the very genuine and inevitable effect of this Union) how then can we keep our National Vows to God, when we shall not be a particular Nation, but only (by means of this Incorporating Union) made a part of another Nation, whose Government is managed, as is very well known, in many things directly contrary to what is contained in the National Covenant of this Land; though we have Charity to believe, there shall multitudes be found in the Land who will grant and acknowledge themselves bound to the observation of that Oath by an indispensible tye, which no power on Earth can dissolve.

And what a Palpable breach is this wicked Union of our Solemn League and Covenant, which was made and Sworn with uplifted Hands to the most High GOD, for Purging and Reforming his House in these three Nations from Error, Heresie, Superstition and Profaneness, and whatever is contrary to sound and pure Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government in the same: And so it involves this Nation in most fearful Perjury before GOD, being contrar to the very first Article of the Covenant wherein we swear to contribute our outmost endeavours in our several Places and Callings to Reform England in Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government; but by this Union both we and they are bound up for ever from all endeavours and attempts of this Nature, and have put our selves out of a capacity to give any help or assistance that way; But on the contrar they came to be hardened in their deformation, impious and superstitious courses.  And how far contrar to the second Article, where we solemnly Abjure Prelacy for ever, when by this Union, Prelacy comes for ever to be Established {9} and settled on the surest and strongest foundations Imaginable, as is evident from the Ratification of the Articles in the English Parliament, with the exemplification of the same in the Scots Parliament, where the Prelatick Government in England is made a Foundamental Article of the Union: So it is also impossible for us to fulfill the other part of that Article, where we forswear Schism, which a legal Toleration of Errors will infer and fix among us, as the native result and inevitable consequence of this Union; And how far this is contrar to the Word of GOD, Deut 13.6 to the 12. Rev. 2.15. And to our Covenants, any considering person may discern.  As to the third Article, any may see how far it is impossible for us to preserve the Rights, Liberties, and Privileges of Parliament and Kingdom, when divested both of our Parliaments and Liberties in a distinct National way, or yet as according to the same Article, where we are obliged to maintain and defend the King, his Majesty’s person and Government in defence and preservation of the true Religion; how can it be supposed, that we can answer our obligation to this part of the Covenant, when a Corrupt Religion is Established, as is by this Union already done, when Prelatick Government is made a Foundamental thereof.  And it is a clear breach of the Fourth Article of the Solemn League and Covenant, where we swear to oppose all Malignants and hinderers of Reformation and Religion, and yet by this Union, the Prelates, who themselves are the very Malignants and Enemies to all further Reformation in Religion are hereby settled and secured in all their places of Power and Dignity, without the least appearance or ground of expectation of any alteration for ever.

How offensive and displeasing unto GOD this Accursed Union is, may be further evident by its involving this Land in a Sinful Conjunction and Association with Prelates Malignants and many other Enemies to GOD and Godliness, and stated adversaries to our Reformation of Religion and sworn to {10} principles in our Covenants National and Solemn League, and particularly as this Union imbodies and unit[e]s us in this Land in the strickest Conjunction and Association with England, a Land so deeply already involved in the breach of Covenant, and Pestered with so many Sectaries, Errors and abominable practices, and joins us in Issue and Interest with these that are Tolerators, Maintainers and Defenders of these Errors, which the Word of GOD strictly prohibits, 2 Chro. 19.2; Isa. 8.12, &c. and our Sacred Covenants plainly and expressly abjures.  And further, how far and deeply it engages this Land in a Confederacy and Association with God’s Enemies at Home and Abroad in their Expeditions and Counsels; a course so often Prohibited by GOD in his Word, and visibly plagued in many remarkable instances of Providences, as may be seen both in Sacred and Historical Records, and the unlawfulness thereof, on just and Scriptural grounds, Demonstrate by famous Divines, even of our own Church and Nation, and set down as a cause of God’s wrath against this Church and Kingdom.  And how detestable must such an Union be, whose Native tendency leads to wear off, from the Dissenting Party in England, all sight, sense, consideration and belief of the indispensability of the Solemn League & hardening Enemies in their opposition to it, and these of all ranks in the habitual breach of it: Yea also how shamefully it leads to the obliterating and Extinguishing all the Acts of Parliaments and Assemblies made in favours of these Covenants and Reformation, especially between 1638 and 1649 inclusive. And not only so, but to a trampling on all the Blood of Martyrs during the late Tyrannical Reigns, and a plain burying of all the Testimonies of the Suffering and contending party in this Land, in their firm, faithful and constant Adherence to the Covenanted work of Reformation, and their Declarations, Protestations, and Wrestlings against all the indignities done unto, & usurpations made upon the Royal Crown and Prerogative of the Mediator, and all the Privileges and intrinsic Rights of this Church; We say, not only burying these in perpetual Oblivion by this {11} copestone of the Land’s Sins and defections, but also opposing and condemning these as matters of the least concern and trivial, as not being worthy of the contending and suffering for, whereby these who ventured their Lives and their All, may be reputed to have dyed as Fools, and suffered Justly.

We cannot here omit also to Declare and Testify against the Constitution of the Brittish Parliament, not only upon the consideration of the foresaid grounds and reasons, but also upon the account of the Sinful mixture and unlawful Admission of Bishops and Churchmen, to have a share in the Legislative Power, or in any place in civil Courts or affairs, and thereto Act or Vote forensically in Civil matters, a thing expressly forbidden and discharged by Christ the only Head and Lord of His own house, whose Kingdom, as Mediator, is not of this World, but purely Spiritual; and so the Officers in his house must be Spiritual; so that the Civil power of Church men is a thing inconsistent and incompatible with that Sacred and Spiritual Function.  Upon which consideration, how palpable a Sin will it be to subject to, or accept of any Oath that may be imposed by the said Brittish Parliament, for the maintenance and support of such an Union, or for recognoscing, owning and acknowledging the Authority of the said Parliament, and that because of our Swearing, and promising Subjection to the said Parliament, we do thereby homologate the foresaid Sinful Constitution, and Swear, and promise Subjection to the Bishops of England who are a considerable part of that Parliament, and so we shall be bound and obliged to maintain and uphold them in their Places dignities and Offices, which is contrary to the word of GOD and our Covenants, while the very first Article of the Solemn League Obliges us to endeavour the Reformation of Religion in the Kingdom of England in Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government according to the Word of GOD, as well as in Scotland.  And it is very well known that the Government of Bishops is not according to the Word of GOD, but contrary to it, 1 Pet. 5.3; Matt. 20.25,26; and likewise contrary the Second Article of the Solemn League {12} whereby we are obliged to the Extirpation of Prelacy, that is, Church Government by Archbishops, Bishops, &c. which we will be obliged by such an Oath to maintain and defend. And besides, from the consideration of the Person that by the Patrons and Establishers of this Union, and by the Second Article of the Union itself, is nominated and designed to succeed after the Decease of the present Queen Anne, in the Government of these nations, to wit, the Prince of Hanover, who hath been bred and brought up in the Lutheran Religion, which is not only different from, but even in many things contrary unto that purity, in Doctrine, Reformation, and Religion, we in these Nations had attained unto, as is very well known.  Now, the admitting such a Person to Reign over us, is not only contrar to our Solemn League and Covenant, but to the very Word of GOD itself, Deut. 17. [15,] requiring and commanding one from among their Brethren, and not a Stranger who is not a Brother, to be set over them: whereby undoubtedly is understood, not only such who were of Consanguinity with the people of the Land, but even such as served and Worshipped the GOD of Israel; and not any other, and that in the true and perfect way of Worshipping and serving Him, which He himself hath appointed, as they then did, to which this intended Succession is quite contrary.  And besides this, he is to be Solemnly engaged and Sworn to the Prelates of England, to maintain Protect and Defend them in all their Dignities, Dominion and Revenues, to the preventing and excluding all Reformation out of these Nations for ever.

And upon the like and other weighty Reasons and Considerations (as Popish Education, Conversation, &c.) We protest against, and disown the pretended Prince of Wales from having any just Right to Rule or Govern these Nations, or to be admitted to the Government thereof: And whereas (as is reported) we are Maliciously aspersed by these who profess themselves of the Presbyterian persuasion, especially the Laodicean preachers, that we should be accessory to the advancement of him whom they call the Prince of Wales to the Throne of Britain: Therefore to let all concerned be fully assured of the contrary, {13} We protest and testifie against all such so Principled to have any Right to rule in these lands, because we look upon all such to be standing in a stated opposition to God and our Covenanted work of Reformation. Not that we contemn, deny or reject Civil Government and Governours (as our former declared principles to the world make evident) but are willing to maintain, own, defend and subject to all such Governours as shall be admitted according to our Covenants, and Laws of the Nation, and Act in Defence of our Covenanted work of Reformation, and in Defence of the Nation’s ancient Liberties and Privileges, according to the Laudable Laws and practique of this Kingdom.

And further, we cannot but detest, abominate and abhor, and likewise protest against the vast and unlimited Toleration of Error and Sectaries, which as a necessary and native consequence of this Union, will inevitably follow thereupon, and whereby a plain and patent way is laid open for these Errors, which will certainly have a bad influence upon all the parts, pieces, and branches of the Reformation, both in Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government, yea even upon the most Momentous and Fundamental Articles of the Christian Faith: For hereby Anabaptists, Erastians, Socinians, Arminians, Quakers, Theists [Deists], Atheists, and Libertines of all kinds, with many others (which abound and swarm in that Land) will come crowding & thronging in among us, venting & vomiting up their damnable and Hellish Tenets and Errors to the Destruction of Souls, and great Dishonour of God in many respects, and that without any Check or Control by Civil Authority, as is evident from the present practice of England, as having gotten full and free Libertie for all this by means of this accursed Union.  How then ought not every one to be afraid, when Incorporating themselves with such a People so exposed to the fearful and tremendous Judgments of God, because of such gross Impieties and Immoralities (not that our Land is free of such hainous wickednesses as may draw down a judgment, but there these evils are to a degree) for what unparalleled, universal, National Perjury is that Land guilty of, both toward {14} GOD and Man (though there were no more) by the Breach of the Solemn League and Covenant, that they once made with this Nation, for the Defence and Reformation of Religion: but also what abominable Lasciviousness, Licentiousness, Luxury, Arrogancy, Impiety, Pride and Insolence, together with the vilest of Whoredoms, avowed Breach of Sabbath, and most dreadful Blasphemies, yea, the contempt of all that’s Sacred and Holy; gets Liberty to Reign and Predominate without Check or Challenge, so that joining with such People, cannot but expose us, as well as them, to the just Judgment of GOD, while continuing in these Sins.

And here we cannot pass by the Unfaithfulness of the present Ministers (not that we Judge all of them to be cast in the same Balance) who at the first beginning of this Work seemed to be so Zealously set against it, and that both in their Speeches, Sermons and Discourses (which was duty) But yet in a very little after flinched from, and became generally so dumb, silent, indifferent or ambiguous, to the Admiration of many, so that People knew not what to construct.

But from what cause or motive they were so influenced, they know best themselves: Sure their Duty both to GOD and Man was, to shew and declare how shameful, hurtful, and highly sinful this Course was as so Circumstantiate.  And if Ministers’ Faithfulness and Zeal to the concerns of Christ had led them to such freedom and plainness, as was duty in such a matter, and had discovered how contrary this Union was to the Fundamental Laws and sworn Principles, by all probability they might have had such influence, as to stop such an unhallowed and unhappy Project. But it seems their Policy hath outwitted their Piety, their pleasing of Man in conniving at, if not complying with their design that was carried on, hath weighed more with them, than the pleasing of GOD, in their Witnessing and Testifying against it. (But to say no more) By the negligence of ministers on the one hand, and the Politicks of statesmen on the other hand, this wicked and naughty Business has been carried on & accomplished, to the provoking {15} of God, enslaving the Nation, and bringing the same under manifest Perjury and Breach of Covenant.  But how to evite the Judgments pronounced against such, we know not, but by returning to their first Love, taking up their first Ground, and standing to Sworn Covenants, solemnly unto GOD, and adhereing to the Cause of GOD, and the Faithful Testimonies of this Church, and seeking back unto the old path, abandoning and shaking off and forsaking all these God-provoking & Land ruining Courses; we say, We know and are persuaded, there can be no mean to retrieve us in this Land, but by unfeigned Repentance, and returning unto Him, from whom we have so deeply Revolted. And among the Politicks of this Age, it could not but be reckoned the Wisdom of the Nation, if ever they get themselves recovered out of the snare, to Animadvert upon all such, as have had any Hand in the contriving or managing it, as being Enemies both to GOD and their Country; which course, if it had been taken in former times, with such who were enemies to Religion and Liberty, it would have deterred such from being so active in this fatal stroke.

Upon these and many more weighty Considerations, plain & demonstrable evils in this complex Mass of Sin and Misery, all the true Lovers of Zion who desire to be found Faithful to GOD, to their Vows and Sworn Principles, and who seek to be found Faithful in their Generation and duty of the Day: And all such, who desire, love and respect the Honour, Independency, Liberty and Privilege of their Native Country, especially in such a Juncture, when long threatened Judgments are so imminent, and Religion and Liberty as it were, in their last Breathing, will easily find it to be their bound duty (as they would not conspire with Adversaries to Religion and Liberty) to shew no favour or respect, and give no Encouragement or Assistance that may tend to the upholding or supporting this Union; but that it is their duty and concernment (as well as ours) to Testify and Declare against the same, and to concur with their utmost endeavours to stop and hinder the same, and to deny their accession to, Connivance at, or Compliance {16} with any thing that may tend to the continuing such an unsupportable Yoke upon themselves or their Posterity.

And now to draw this our Protestation to a Conclusion, we heartily invite, and in the Bowels of our Lord Jesus Christ entreat all in both Nations, who tender the Glory of GOD, the removing the causes of His Wrath, Indignation and imminent Judgments upon us, And who desire the continuance of his Tabernacle, Gospel Ordinances, and Gracious presence among us, and seek and contend earnestly for the Faith once delivered to the Saints; and labour to follow the Footsteps of these who throu’ Faith and Patience inherit the Promise, the noble Cloud of Witnesses who have gone before us; we say, We Heartily Invite and entreat such to consider their ways, and to come and join in a Harmonious, Zealous, and Faithful withstanding all and every thing that may be like a Heightening, or Copestone of our Defections, and particularly to join with us (according to our Reformation, Covenants, Confession of Faith, and Testimonies of our Church, as agreeable to the Sacred and unerring Rule of Faith and Manners, the Holy Scriptures) in this our Protestation and Testimony. And for these effects, we desire that this our Protestation may be a standing Testimony to present & Succeeding Ages, against the sinfulness of this Land-ruining, God-provoking, Soul-destroying and Posterity-enslaving and ensnaring Union, and this ad futurum rei memoriam. And to evite the Brand and odium of passing the Bounds of our Station, and that this our Protestation may be brought to the view of the World; We have thought fit to publish and leave a Copy of the same at Sanquhar by a part of our Number, having the unanimous consent of the whole so to do.

Given at        the 2 day of October, 1707.

Jer. 2.5. Thus saith the Lord, What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain?  v. 10. For pass over the isles of Chittim, and see; and send unto Kedar, and consider diligently, and see if there be such a thing.  v. 11. Hath a Nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have changed their glory, for that which doth not profit.  v. 14. Is Israel a servant? is he a home-born slave? why is he spoiled?  v. 18. And now what hast thou to do in the way of Egypt, to drink the waters of Sihor? or what hast thou to do in the way of Aſsyria, to drink the waters of the river?  v. 19. Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see, that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord God of hosts.

Deut. 19.14. Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s land-mark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance which thou shalt inherit, in the land that the Lord thy God giveth thee to possess it.

1 Kings 21.3. And Naboth said to Ahab, The Lord forbid it me, that I should give the inheritance of my fathers unto thee.

Zech. 11.5. And they that sell them, say, Blessed be the Lord, for I am rich, &c.

Zeph. 3.4. They have done violence to the law.   Hosea 7.8. Ephraim, he hath mixed himself among the people.

Let God ariſe, and let all his Enemies be ſcattered.