Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him.—Rev. 1.7

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Cults, Heresies, and False Religions.

The False Catholic Church

[See the Anti-Papacy page.]

The Arminianism Heresy

The Arminian Heresie Nipt in the Bud by Alexander Henderson, David Dickson, & Andrew Ramsay

A Scotch Antidote against the English Infection of Arminianism by Robert Baillie

The Judgment of the Synod Holden at Dort Concerning the five Articles Controverted in the Beglic Churches.

Argument on the Arminian Controversy: RPCNA Overture by Moses Roney.

The Canterburians Self-Conviction: Chapter 2: Their Avowed Arminianism by Robert Baillie

Places of Scripture seeming to favour Universal Atonement, Vindicated by Samuel Rutherford

Arminianism—Another Gospel by William MacLean

The Antinomianism Heresy

A Treatise Against the Antinomians by Dr. Martin Luther

A Blow at the Root of Antinomianism by John Flavel

American-Born Cults

Mormonism by Robert McNiece, From The Presbyterian Review, 1881.


The Anatomy of a Schismatic, Drawn from the Life of Novatian, compiled 2016.

Schism among Presbyterians, and the Causers thereof Marked by Andrew Clarkson, 1731.