To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? behold, their ear is uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken.—Jer. 6.10



Against the Public Resolutions of 1650.

The following documents are collected from the Protester-Resolutioner controversy during the 1650s.  They have been either retypeset according to the originals, or according the Peterkin’s “Records of the Kirk of Scotland.”

Preliminary Resources

The following are useful for obtaining an understanding of the Presbyterian Principles maintained by the Protesters throughout this controversy.  An honest survey will show that the position maintained by the Protesters throughout the conflict is that which was universally adopted by the Church of Scotland until the time of the Public Resolutions adopted at the end of 1650, and the ensuing controversy.

1648.09.08: Letter of George Gillespie to the General Assembly about Compliance with Malignants

1648.12.15: G. Gillespie’s Dying Testimony against Association with Malignant Enemies

1649.--.--: G. Gillespie’s Chapter on Associations with Idolaters, etc. from his Misc. Questions.

1649.07.20: Act of General Assembly Concerning the Receiving of Engagers

Protester Correspondence and Documents

1650.08.13: West-Kirk State of the Quarrel

1650.08.13: Committee of Estates concurrence with the State of the Quarrel

1650.08.16: Declaration by the King’s Majesty, to all his Subjects....

1650.09.12: Declaration and Warning by the Commissioners of the General Assembly at Stirling

1650.09.12: Causes of Solemn Public Humiliation upon the Defeat of the Army

1650.09.27: Committee of Estates Act for Purging the King’s Family

1650.10.17: Western Forces’ Remonstrance

1650.10.30: Western Forces’ papers sent to the Committee of Estates at Perth

1650.12.31: Presbytery of Sterling’s Remonstrance

1651.02.22: James Guthrie’s & David Bennett’s Protestation given to the Committee of Estates at Perth

1651.07.16-24: Proceedings of the “General Assembly” which met at St. Andrews and Dundee, Sessions 1-6

1651.07.16: Humble Representation & Desire of some Ministers of the Gospel, unto the Assembly

1651.07.18: Protestation against the Lawfulness of the Assembly

1651.07.18: Instances of the Influence  that the Letter and Act of the Commission of the Gen. Assembly 1650 had upon several Presbyteries and Synods, &c.

1652.--.--: Reasons why these who dis-approved the Resolutions & Acts at Dundee, cannot keep the Assembly now indicted, &c.

1652.07.21: The Representation, Propositions, and Protestation of divers Ministers, Elders, & Professors

1652.07.28: Instructions given to those nominated to meet with some Brethren of the Pretended Assembly

1652.07.29, or thereafter: Reasons why the [Protesters] cannot agree to the Overtures made unto them at the Conference, July 28 & 29, 1652

1652.11.11: Declaration against the lawfulness of the Assembly 1651

1652.11.27: Letter from Robert Traill in the name of the Protesters

1652.--.--: Observations upon the Answer of the Commission of the pretended Assembly

1652.--.--: The Nullity & Unlawfulness of the Pretended Assembly at St. Andrews, 1651

1653.03.17: Protesters’ Letter to their Brethren of the Pretended General Assembly

1653.07.19: Protesters’ Reply to the Answer to their Letter to their Brethren who are for the Public Resolutions

1658: James Guthrie’s “Protesters no Subverters, and Presbytery no Papacy.”