The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws,
changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.
—Isa. 24.5

Additions from 2003.

Date Author Title
2003.12.05 William MacLean Arminianism - Another Gospel, 1965.
2003.12.03 Church of Scotland The First Covenant of Scotland. At Edinburgh, 1557.
2003.12.03 Church of Scotland The Second Covenant of Scotland. At Perth, 1559.
2003.12.01 James Skene The Interrogations, Letters, & Testimony of James Skene, Martyr.
2003.11.29 David Dickson True Christian Love.
2003.11.29 David Dickson Sight through a Glass, and Face to Face.
2003.11.24 William Wilson; Andrew Harley Two Letters Concerning Mr. Patrick Walker, and his Many Lies Spoken since his Apostacy from the Reformation.
2003.11.06 London Ministers: Thomas Watson, Christopher Love, William Gouge, &c. A Vindication of the Ministers of the Gospel in and about London, from the unjust Aspersions cast upon their former Actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to Capital Punishment [which was the doing of the wicked Oliver Cromwell and his sectarian party of covenant-breakers.] - 1648.
2003.10.27 John Calvin A Short Treatise on The Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ.
2003.10.25 Johann Gerhard Sacred Meditations: Meditation 23 - The Dignity of the Church
2003.10.25 Johann Gerhard Sacred Meditations: Meditation 44 - Consolation in the Death of Friends
2003.10.23 John Bradford An Exhortation to the Carrying of Christ's Cross, with a True and Brief Confutation of False and Papistical Doctrine.
2003.10.18 John Calvin A Sermon on Job 32:4-10, concerning Elihu's prudence in listening unto his elders before presuming to speak his own thoughts, wherein are to be found sundry reproofs of young men, who, not minding to flee youthful lusts, are given over to an overgreat fondness of themselves and their own wisdom.
2003.10.15 David Steele Analysis of the Preface to Reformation Principles Exhibited, &c.
2003.10.14 Original Covenanter The Divinity of Christ.
2003.09.24 Original Covenanter Psalms or Hymns. Excerpted from the Original Covenanter magazine, 1881.
2003.09.03 Johann Gerhard Sacred Meditations: Meditation 12 - True Faith.
2003.08.23 James Guthrie The Waters of Sihor; or, The Lands Defection, &c. &c. Excerpts.
2003.08.22 C.P. Krauth Popular Amusments: A Discourse. (Addresses dancing, theatre attendance, the circus, novels, and other devilish distractions.)
2003.08.18 Reformation Advocate Are Hymns Idols?
2003.07.04 Original Covenanter Speculation.
2003.06.03 Herman Witsius Against the Lies of Lucian, Kepler, &c. concerning other worlds.
2003.05.30 Reformed Presbytery 1876 Minutes, and A Call to Repentance (addressed to the RPCNA.)
2003.04.19 David Steele Against the Lie of Evolution.
2003.04.19 "A Correspondent." Against Card-Playing.
2003.04.08 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: The Doctrine of Universal Atonement Proven False and Anti-Scriptural.
2003.03.24 James Renwick A Testimony the Against Antichristian Toleration, 1688.01.17.
2003.03.18 RPC General Meeting The New Reformed Presbyterian Psalter (RPCNA, 1912): A Critical Review.
2003.03.15 James Renwick Preface, Lecture 2, Sermon 3, & Sermon 4.
2003.03.01 James Renwick Sermon 42 - preached in the shire of Fife, 1688.01.24.
On Psalm 45.10: Hearken, O daughter, and consider, &c.
2003.02.17 John Welch Sermon 23: Psalm 42:1,2,3, &c. - As the Hart panteth...
2003.02.07 Robert Baillie Concerning the Right of Prophesying.
2003.02.07 Robert Baillie Whether the Power of Ecclesiastick Jurisdiction belongs to the People or to the Presbytery.
2003.02.04 James Renwick Sermon 43 - preached in the shire of Fife, 1688.01.27.
On Luke 12.32: Fear not little flock, &c.
2003.02.01 A Dissenting Presbytery of the Church of Scotland. The Vindication of Mr. James Gilchrist, Minister of the Gospel at Dunscore.
2003.01.31 James Renwick Sermon 44 - his last sermon, preached at Borrowstonness, 1688.01.29. On Isaiah 53.1.
2003.01.23 James Renwick A Vindication of the United Societies from the Unjust Charges of Usurping Authority, Civil & Ecclesiastical - Being a Reply to Robert Langlan's Letter to Gavin Wotherspoon.
2003.01.20 James Renwick Preface, Lecture 1, Sermon 1, & Sermon 2 - his first public day work, 1683.11.23.
2003.01.18 Alexander Craighead Renewal of the Covenants, National & Solemn League; a Confession of Sins; an Engagement to Duties; and a Testimony; as they were carried on at Middle Octorara in Pennsylvania, November 11, 1743.
2003.01.16 John McMillan & John McNeil A Protestation, Declinature, & Appeal, given to the Commission of the General Assembly, 1708.
2003.01.14 John Saltmarsh A Solemn Discourse upon the Grand Covenant (SL&C).
2003.01.13 Joseph Caryl The Nature, Solemnity, Grounds, Property, & Benefits of a Sacred Covenant.
2003.01.11 Robert Simpson Traditions of the Covenanters: Chapter 20 (About James Renwick.)
2003.01.11 John Howie The Life of James Renwick.
2003.01.09 James Renwick Mr. Renwick's Predictions, in a Letter to Mrs. Jean Hamilton, dated Nov. 18th, 1685.
2003.01.08 Samuel Rutherford A Testimony to the Covenanted Work of Reformation.
2003.01.07 James Renwick A Testimony to the Truths of God and to His Cause.
2003.01.06 RPC General Meeting Family Worship (1914.)
2003.01.06 James Renwick The Last Speech & Testimony of Mr. James Renwick as related in the "Cloud of Witnesses," with a Letter to his Christian Friends and Short Account of his Last Words.
2003.01.04 James Renwick The Form and Order of the Admission of Elders, as done by Mr. James Renwick, at Darmead, and Several other Places of the Country where he Laboured.
2003.01.04 David Steele The Two Witnesses: Their Cause, Number, Character, Furniture, & Special Work.

Additions from 1999 - 2002.

Date Author Title
2002.12.31 James Guthrie A Cry from the Dead; or, The Ghost of the Famous Mr. James Guthrie Appearing: Being the last Sermon he preached in the Pulpit of Stirling, before his Martyrdom at Edinburgh, June 1661; on Matthew 14:22-24.
2002.12.30 James Guthrie A Treatise of Ruling Elders and Deacons.
2002.12.25 James Guthrie The Great Danger of Backsliding and Defection From Covenanted Reformation Principles: In a Sermon on Isaiah 57.13,14.
2002.12.06 RPC General Meeting Steps of Defection in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. (1913.)
2002.12.05 Alexander Shields Hind Let Loose: Head VI.: The Extraordinary Executing of Judgment by Private Persons Vindicated.
2002.12.02 RPC General Meeting A Statement of our Reasons for Maintaining our Separate Standing, &c.
2002.11.28 John Howie The Life of James Guthrie.
2002.11.19 George Gillespie Miscellany Questions: Chapter 3: Whether Ordination be essential to the calling of a Minister.
2002.11.19 George Gillespie Miscellany Questions: Chapter 4: Objections against the necessity of Ordination answered.
2002.11.18 John Knox The True Catholic Church: An Answer to a Letter of a Jesuit named Tyrie. - Re-uploaded with several corrections.
2002.11.08 James Guthrie, Martyr The True and Perfect Speech of Mr. James Guthrey... as it was delivered by himself immediately before his Execution, on 1661.06.01.
2002.11.07 James Guthrie, Martyr Two Speeches before the Parliament: (1) After the reading of his Indictment, 1661.02.21; and (2) After the reading of the Process, 1661.04.10.
2002.11.06 David Black A Declinature, Declining the Authority of King & Council in Matters Spiritual.
2002.11.02 James Guthrie Causes of the Lord's Wrath against Scotland; and, A Humble Acknowledgment of the Sins of the Ministry of Scotland.
2002.10.21 An Englishman Four Grand Questions Proposed, & Briefly Answered, respecting Christian Magistracy and Toleration.
2002.10.19 John Knox The True Catholic Church: An Answer to a Letter of a Jesuit named Tyrie.
2002.10.14 John Livingstone Biographical Notice, Sacramental Discourses, & Sermon.
2002.10.12 Robert Baillie The Canterburians Self-Conviction: Chapter 2: Their Avowed Arminianism.
2002.10.01 David Dickson Therapeutica Sacra: Chapter 4: Of the Covenant of Redemption.
2002.09.28 Reformed Presbytery A Short Directory for Religious Societies. (1881 edition with corrections.)
2002.09.20 George Gillespie An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland.
2002.09.17 Robert Baillie A Scriptural Refutation of the Premillenial or Chiliast Heresy.
2002.09.16 John Calvin A Sermon on 1 Timothy 2:12-14, concerning (1) the right use of authority and (2) the original sin of our first father & mother, all tending to promote that godly humility which ought to be exhibited in the life of every Christian man & woman.
2002.09.14 John Calvin A Sermon on 1 Timothy 2:9-11, against Ambition and Pride, overturning the very order of nature in (1) the immodest appareling of men & women, especially the latter with their painting of their faces, decking themselves with gold & jewels, going about in public with their heads uncovered, and clothing themselves in all manner of gorgeous and over-brave apparel; as well as in (2) all usurping of authority without an express call from God, contrary to his very commandment, whether by men or women.
2002.09.12 John Howie The Life of Mr. George Gillespie.
2002.09.10 John Howie Reformation Principles Re-Exhibited: The Editor to the Understanding Reader.
2002.09.03 Alexander Shields Hind Let Loose: Head V.: The Principle of, & Testimony for, Defensive Arms Vindicated.
2002.09.03 William Perkins A Cloud of Faithful Witnesses, Leading to the Heavenly Canaan (Heb. 12.1.)
2002.08.24 James Durham Concerning Writing.
2002.08.19 John Calvin A Sermon on Deuteronomy 22:5-8, respecting Men's & Women's Apparel, Cruelty to Animals & Men, and Love to our Neighbours.
2002.08.15 Samuel Rutherford The Trial and Triumph of Faith (and Study Group Questions & Answers)
2002.08.14 Archibald Mason Remarks on the Sixth Vial, Symbolizing the Fall of [Islam.]
2002.08.05 John McAuley Secular versus Christian Education, 1879.
2002.08.05 John Welch Sermon 48: Romans 8:1-4, 18, 37, &c.
2002.08.05 John Welch Sermon 47: Romans 8:1-3, &c.
2002.07.24 John M'Millan II. A Vindication of (1) the Ministerial Mission & Authority of John McMillan I and (2) of the Reformed Presbytery, 1773.
2002.07.20 John M'Millan III. A Letter anent Civil Government & Political Dissent, 1781.
2002.07.15 John Welch Sermon 45: John 3:18.
2002.07.15 John Welch Sermon 44: John 3:17.
2002.07.15 Smalcald Theologians Of the Power and Primacy of the Pope. - Smalcald, 1537.
2002.07.13 John M'Millan II. The Faithful and Wise Servant.
2002.07.10 John Welch Sermon 43: John 3:16,17.
2002.07.09 John Welch Sermon 42: John 3:16,17.
2002.07.09 John Welch The Life, Correspondence, & Sermons of John Welch.
2002.07.01 Thomas Boston Of the Work of Creation.
2002.06.03 Robert Bruce Flee also the Lusts of Youth - A Sermon on 2 Timothy 2:22-26.
2002.05.23 Samuel Rutherford From whence essentially is the calling of a Pastor?
2002.05.22 United Societies The Informatory Vindication of the True Presbyterian Church.
2002.05.21 Mary Magnificat
2002.05.17 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: Faith the Condition of the Covenant of Grace (Against Crispe)
2002.05.13 Patrick Hamilton "Patrick's Places"
2002.05.09 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: Saving Faith Required of All within the Visible Church.
2002.05.08 Samuel Rutherford Letter 234: The Duty of Reprobates to Act Saving Faith on Jesus Christ.
2002.05.07 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: How Faith is the Condition of the Covenant of Grace.
2002.05.07 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: Particular Redemption & Discriminating Grace.
2002.05.07 Samuel Rutherford CDDSH: God's Love Always Effectual.
2002.05.06 Martin Luther A Treatise Against the Antinomians.
2002.05.03 RPCNA (1806.) Of the Gospel Offer: Chapter 8 of the "Declaration & Testimony."
2002.04.27 Robert Traill Six Sermons on Galatians 2:21.
Re-uploaded: Corrected & Combined into one file.
2002.04.04 Thomas Boston The Right Improvement of a Time of Sickness & Mortality.
2002.03.27 Archibald Mason Observations on the Public Covenants, Betwixt God & the Church.
2002.03.25 Thomas Boston Of the Seventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."
2002.03.18 John Howie Faithful Contendings Displayed: Preface
2002.03.16 J. W. Shaw Hephzibah Beulah: Our Covenants, National & Solemn League
2002.03.11 John Knox A Most Wholesome Counsel... Touching the Daily Exercise of God's Word.
2002.03.04 Walter Smith The Life, Writings, Testimony, & Martyrdom of Mr. Walter Smith.
2002.02.25 John Fairley The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.
2002.02.13 Walter Smith A Brief Rehearsal of some few of the many steps of our defections...
2002.02.05 United Societies A Call of the Remnant of true Presbyterians....
2002.02.04 Anthony Gylbie A Brief Treatise of Predestination.
2002.02.04 Theodore Beza A Brief Declaration of the Table of Predestination.
2002.02.04 Theodore Beza 38 Aphorisms Against Castalion Concerning the Providence of God.
2002.02.04 John Fox Notes Appertaining to the Matter of Election.
2002.01.25 Alexander Henderson The Bishops Doom
2002.01.22 James Durham Concerning a Calling to the Ministry, and Clearness therein.
2002.01.19 Alexander Peden The Covenant of Redemption.
2001.12.01 Authority, Church & Civil, in Scotland. Acts Respecting the Authorized Version of the Psalter, to be used by all in both Publick & Family Worship.
2001.11.19 Matthew Mead A Name in Heaven the Truest Ground of Joy
2001.11.05 Church of Scotland & Westminster Assembly Reasons for Refusing the Book of Common-Prayer.
2001.10.20 Synod of Dort The Sentence of the National Synod of Dort, Concerning the Doctrine of Conrad Vorstius
2001.10.20 LL. the Estates of Holland and West-Friesland The Decree banishing Conrad Vorstius
2001.10.20 General States of the United Netherland Provinces The Declaration of the Decree against certain Arminians for their Perpetual Banishment.


Robert McWard The Poor Man's Cup of Cold Water


Jeremy Kerr Response to the Position Statement on Exclusive Psalmody of SGC-Gettysburg


Thomas Watson The Saint's Spiritual Delight


Various Several Testimonies Against Toleration


Patrick Gillespie Ark of the Covenant Opened: Chapter 3

29 Propositions against Castalio relating to Predestination & Providence by Theodore Beza

God's Anatomy upon Man's Heart by Thomas Watson [References to SL&C]

Of the Violation of the Covenant of Works on the Part of Man by Herman Witsius, from his Economy of the Covenants Between God & Man

The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination by Jerome Zanchius (With crosslinked references to Luther, Augustine, &c.)

A Sermon on Creation, Providence, and Predestination by Henry Bullinger

For the Right of Believers Infants to BAPTISM by John Flavel

The Church Membership of Children & Their Right to Baptism by Thomas Shepard

Three Discourses on the Millennium by Archibald Mason

Robert McWard on 501c3 Government Church Incorporation

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 02: Of the Election of Pastors with the Congregation's Consent

Contrast Between the Doctrines of the Marrowmen and the Anti-Marrowmen from "Gospel Truth Accurately Stated & Illustrated"

Preface to the Candid Reader by Johannes VanderKemp

Of the Church, Predestined to Life, and Forgiven by Zacharias Ursinus, from his Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism

A Treatise on the Predestination of the Saints by Aurelius Augustin

Of Election by Herman Witsius, from his Economy of the Covenants Between God & Man

Of the Decrees of God by Thomas Boston

A Sermon entitled The Church of God, and Her Benefits in this Life by Johannes VanderKemp

A Sermon entitled The Justification of the Sinner before God by Johannes VanderKemp

A Sermon entitled The Doctrine of Justification Defended by Johannes VanderKemp

Of Justification by Zacharias Ursinus, from his Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism

Of Justification by Herman Witsius, from his Economy of the Covenants Between God & Man

17 Sermons by William Guthrie from Sermons in Times of Persecution in Scotland

A Commentary on Romans Nine by William Twisse, DD.

The Life of Mr. Andrew Gray by John Howie

Of the Fifth Commandment by Thomas Boston

Martin Luther on Christian Love or "Charity" (1 Corinthians 13)

The Second Commandment by Thomas Vincent

Of Justification by Thomas Boston

A Letter to Lord Warristoun by Andrew Gray

A Discourse on Justification by Faith by Jonathan Dickinson

Of Election to Everlasting Life. by Thomas Boston

A Sermon Concerning Death by Andrew Gray

A Practical Exposition of the Third Commandment by Presbyterian Covenanter James Durham

A Sermon on Justification by Walter Marshall

Of the First Commandment by Thomas Boston

Robert Simpson's "Traditions of the Covenanters," Chapter 5: Alexander Peden

The Solemn League & Covenant: Exhortation by the Westminster Assembly

Gillespie's Dying Testimony Against Unlawful Associations — Sets forth the practical implications of the doctrine asserted in his Miscellany Question #14 on Associations, with evident application to the Protester/Resolutioner conflict which would develop soon after Mr. Gillespie's death, as well as many of the later questions and conflicts that would arise in nations turning away from the Christian faith, and churches departing from Reformation orthodoxy.

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 01: The Ministry a Perpetual Ordinance of Christ — Mr. Gillespie explains how that we must receive all true ministers as the messengers of Christ and the word of God by them as the word of God.

The Preface to the Ten Commandments by Thomas Boston

Love to God and Our Neighbour, the Sum of the Ten Commandments by Thomas Boston

The Moral Law Summarily Comprehended in the Ten Commandments by Thomas Boston

The Moral Law, The Rule of Man's Obedience by Thomas Boston

The Duty which God Requireth of Man by Thomas Boston

The Life of Mr. James Durham by John Howie

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 14: Of Unlawful Associations — Mr. Gillespie condemns all voluntary associations with "Idolaters, Infidels, Heretics, or any other known Enemies of Truth and Godliness," for religious or military purposes. Both modern nations, and modern churches (including Reformed churches,) are effectively rebuked, and their various compromises of Truth and Righteousness condemned, by the scripture and reasoning presented in this discussion.

Martin Luther on Holydays

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 09: Of Heretics, Heresies, & Schisms — Mr. Gillespie defines Heresies as "gross & dangerous error, voluntarily held and factiously maintained by some person or persons within the visible church, in opposition to some chief or substantial truth or truths grounded upon and drawn from the holy Scripture by necessary consequence." Likewise, he identifies as fundamental truths, "all of the truths commonly put in the confessions of faith, and in the more full and large catechisms of the reformed churches, or all such truths as all and every one who lives in a true Christian reformed church are commanded and required to learn and know."  We may conclude that Gillespie would hold all those as heretics who reject any of the doctrines of the Westminster Confession of Faith. Also of interest is Mr. Gillespie's explanation of why there "must be heresies" among us.

Of the Fourth Commandment by Thomas Boston

Of the Second Commandment by Thomas Boston

Of the Third Commandment by Thomas Boston

Sermon by Johannes VanderKemp on Ecclesiastes 7.29, titled "The First Cause of Good and Evil"

A Practical Exposition of the Second Commandment by Presbyterian Covenanter James Durham

What is Calvinism? - a short tract summarizing the "Calvinist" or Reformed / Presbyterian Religion - the True Religion.

Of Family Worship by John Brown of Wamphray

A Treatise of Christian Love by Hugh Binning

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 12: Unsound Heads Prove Unsound Hearts — Mr. Gillespie rebukes those that spread the soul-destroying doctrine that a man may have a sound, regenerate heart without a right understanding of the Gospel - too often suggested even by some in modern Reformed churches.

Gillespie's Miscellany Questions, Chapter 11: Against Scepticism and Wavering - Mr. Gillespie rebukes all those who believe they can know nothing certainly or show themselves practical unbelievers and atheists by their wavering opinions. He also warns against all readiness to receive or search out "new light" and rebukes those who think themselves infallible, while exhorting all to be "immovable in the truth."