Who shall lay any thing to the charge of God’s elect? It is God that justifieth.—Rom. 8.33



The Nature of the Church:

A Sermon on the Holy Catholic Church. By Henry Bullinger, from his Decades.

A Meditation on the Church as the Bride of Christ. By Johann Gerhard, from his Sacred Meditations.

Questions and Answers about the Church. By David Dickson, from his Truth’s Victory over Error.

The Communion of the Saints:

Questions and Answers about the Communion of Saints. By David Dickson, from his Truth’s Victory over Error.

Presbyterian Church Government:

An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland. By George Gillespie.

The First and Second Books of Discipline: David Calderwood's Edition of 1621.

The Form of Presbyterial Church-Government and of Ordination of Ministers. By the Westminster Assembly; Scottish Printing for G.A. of 1647.

Questions and Answers about Presbyteries, Synods, Councils. By David Dickson, from his Truth’s Victory over Error.

Terms of Communion: The Authority of the Books of Discipline within the R.P. Churches. By J.B. Johnston.

The Directory for Church Government, Ordination of Ministers, and Church Censures. By the Westminster Assembly; Scottish Printing for G.A. of 1647.

The Ministerial Office:

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. A Sermon by John Fairley.

Ordination Sermon: We are Labourers together with God. By Thomas Nairn

The Faithful & Wise Servant; or The Authority, Character, & Work of a Gospel Minister, in the Church of Christ, opened up. By John M'Millan II.

The Ministry a Perpetual Ordinance of Christ. Chapter 1 from George Gillespie's Miscellany Questions.

Concerning the Right of Prophesying. Chapter 8 from Robert Baillie's Dissuasive from Errours.

A Humble Acknowledgment of the Sins of the Ministry of Scotland. By James Guthrie.

A Sermon on 1 Timothy 3:1-4, concerning the qualifications for Shepherds in the Church, wherein is discovered the difference between the Popish Clergy with their wicked Hierarchy, and the true Church of Jesus Christ with the faithful ministers thereof. By John Calvin.

Ministerial Qualifications, from the Reformed Presbyterian, 1854.

A Sermon on How Christ is the True Shepherd, from John 10.11-16: Distinguishes the characteristics of good pastors with their helpful preaching, from bad pastors and their unsuitable preaching. By Martin Luther.

Lecture 54 on the Resurrection, etc. of Christ, from Matthew 28.20 and Mark 16.16-18: Declaring Christ’s Commission and Promises to the Ministry of the Church. By Robert Rollock.

Notes by Jeremy Kerr on The Art of Prophesying by William Perkins.

Where Christ Feeds his Flock: An Exposition of Canticles 1.8. By James Durham.

On the Calling of Ecclesiastical Officers:

Of the Election of Pastors with the Congregation's Consent. Chapter 2 excerpted from George Gillespie's Miscellany Questions.

Concerning a Calling to the Ministry, and Clearness therein. Excerpted from James Durham's Lectures on Revelation.

Whether Ordination be essential to the calling of a Minister. Chapter 3 excerpted from George Gillespie's Miscellany Questions.

Objections against the necessity of Ordination answered. Chapter 4 excerpted from George Gillespie's Miscellany Questions.

An Ordinance of Parliament for the Ordination of Ministers pro Tempore, according to the Directory for Ordination, 1644.

A Warning to Beware of False Prophets, wherein Christians are urged to make trial of the Calling of New Preachers. A Sermon by Martin Luther, 1525.

A Warning from the General Meeting to beware of Mr. John Adamson, unsent Preacher. Concluded by the United Societies, 1713.

Notes by Jeremy Kerr on The Calling of the Ministry by William Perkins.

Ruling Elders:

A Treatise of Ruling Elders and Deacons. By James Guthrie.

The Form and Order of the Admission of Elders, as done by Mr. James Renwick.

The Duties of Ruling Elders and the People over whom they are Appointed Overseers. By Thomas Boston.

An Assertion of the Government of the Church of Scotland: Part 1: Concerning Ruling Elders. By George Gillespie.


A Treatise of Ruling Elders and Deacons. By James Guthrie.

Terms of Communion: A Defence of the Deacon's Office & Responsibilities. By J.B. Johnston.

Extraordinary Ministers of Christ’s Church:

The Confession of Patrick, Apostle to Ireland.

The Marks of the True Catholic Church:

The Marks of the True Catholic Church: An Answer to a Jesuit. By John Knox.

Marks of the True Church. From The Original Covenanter.

Ecclesiastical Assemblies:

The Westminster Assembly. From The Original Covenanter.

The Nature & Benefits of Church Membership:

Church Membership. From The Contending Witness

Biblical Principles of Ecclesiastical Dissent & Separation:

The Informatory Vindication of the True Presbyterian Church of Scotland: Head 4

Concerning the hearing of the Curates from The Apologetical Relation by John Brown of Wamphray, 1665.

A Vindication of such as Scruple to Hear and Own the Indulged by John Brown of Wamphray, 1678.

The Reasons of Mr. Alexander Craighead's receding from the present Judicatures of this Church, (early PCUSA,) together with its Constitution, 1743.

A Short Account of Mr. Thomas Nairn, Minister of the Gospel in Linktoun... his Secession from the Associate Presbytery; with the Grounds and Reasons, 1743.

Occasional Hearing from The Reformed Presbyterian, 1839.

Schism Among Presbyterians, and the Causers thereof Marked from Plain Reasons for Presbyterians Dissenting, 1731.

Plain Reasons for Presbyterians Dissenting: A Summary Article from The Contending Witness

The Duty of Separation by John McAuley from The Original Covenanter.

Occasional Hearing by “Renwick” from The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter, 1863.

Queries and Admonitions used in the Private Social Profession of Faith of Christian Children. From Memoirs of the Life of John Howie.

The Anatomy of a Schismatic, Drawn from the Life of Novatian, compiled 2016.

The Protest and Declinature of John McAuley, Rimersburgh, occasioned by the 1871 Covenant of the RPCNA.

Some Friendly Counsel for the Free Church of Scotland, a brief appendix relating to the Great Disruption, by John Cunningham, 1843.

Ecclesiastical Association & Terms of Communion:

A Modest Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled A Letter from a Friend to Mr. John McMillan, 1710. (Early Defence of R.P. Principles & Terms of Communion.)

The Constitution of the Associate-Reformed Synod in America... Testified Against, by the Reformed Presbytery of Scotland.

The Necessity of Testifying Against the U.S. Government as a Ground of Ecclesiastical Fellowship for the R.P. Churches, from the Minutes of the R.P. Church of Ireland.

Terms of Communion From The Contending Witness.

Introduction & Appendix to the Auchensaugh Renovation by Thomas Henderson.

An Essay on Church Communion and Defence of the Reformed Presbytery’s Terms of Communion, from Homesius Enervatus, by William James, 1772.

Remarks on a Letter... by Adam Brown, (Concerning the Auchensaugh Renovation) by John Dow.

Ideals to Guard and Maintain in a Proper Constitution of the Presbyterian Church by Jeremy T. Kerr, 2017.

Against Anti-Scriptural forms of Church Government:

The Bishop's Doom. A Sermon by Alexander Henderson on the occasion of the Excommunication of several bishops from the Church of Scotland.

Independency is Contrary to the Word of God. Chapter 10 from Robert Baillie's Dissuasive from Errours.

From whence essentially is the calling of a Pastor? Against Independency; Excerpted from Samuel Rutherford's Peaceable Plea for Paul's Presbytery.

Of the Power and Primacy of the Pope. Against the Papacy and the Tyranny of the Roman Heirarchy; Compiled by the Lutheran Theologians Assembled at Smalcald, in the Year 1537.

Whether the power of Ecclesiastick Jurisdiction belongs to the People or to the Presbytery. Chapter 9 from Robert Baillie's Dissuasive from Errours.

A Letter from the Synod of Zeeland expressing their desire for uniformity in Kirk-Government in Scotland, England, & Ireland, and their joy in the overthrow of the intolerable tyranny of Episcopal government, 1643.

The Recantation and Renunciation of Episcopacy by Patrick Adamson, former pretended Bishop, 1591.

Against Ecclesiastical Tyranny:

The Representation, Propositions, and Protestation of Divers Ministers, etc. 1652 in opposition to the Public Resolutions and Unlawful Meetings of Pretended General Assemblies.

A Protestation, Declinature, & Appeal, given to the Commission of the General Assembly, 1708, by John McMillan & John McNeil.

A Vindication of the Ministerial Mission & Authority of John McMillan I by John McMillan II.

The Vindication of Mr. James Gilchrist, Minister of the Gospel at Dunscore, by A Dissenting Presbytery of the Church of Scotland.